Submission Entry for HKIA Young Architect Award 2018

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“Convenience is the new luxury”


a saying which perfectly describes the recent society and many aspects of living. People are so time-starved nowadays that they wish to accomplish all the daily formalities and routines with a push of buttons: grocery shopping, food delivery, bills settling, restaurants booking and many others. 


But what about exercising? Could physical exercises be replaced by technology? Could outdoor leisure activities be a luxury and convenient? 


There are 5 water sports centers in Hong Kong currently which are located at the edges of Hong Kong namely Sai Kung, Tai Po and Stanley. It takes an average of at least over an hour or two to reach the water sports centers, with limited means of transportation. What if we could combat the geographic challenges and build a water sports center in the middle of the city with high accessibility and convenience to the general public? 


Design Concept 


The chosen site is located at the waterfront outside Gloucester Road at Causeway Bay. It is currently inconvenient to access and cut off from the city. The Victoria Water Sports Centre is proposed to be built in that area. 


With reference to the New York High Line and Seoullo Skygarden, the Victoria Water Sports Centre hopes to be connected via varies hybrid public footpaths with a total length of 500 meters, elevated above the Gloucester Road and Canal Road Flyover, where the general public could enjoy the special selection of plantations and the view of Victoria Harbour while taking a relaxing stroll to the waterfront. 


The sports center located at the waterfront provides an accessible and convenient opportunity for the general public to enjoy the fun of water sports activities. A range of water sports classes and activities are offered such as floating yoga on a paddleboard, rowing, stand-up paddle boarding, flyboarding, kayaking, sunbathing, swimming in an ocean-fed pool as well as other extreme water sports.


To encourage and to engage more general public to make use of the water sports center, open spaces at the rooftop are available for the general public for various communal activities. Spectator stands are also built to encourage the appreciation of the Victoria Harbour view. Other public facilities such as resting area, cafeteria, sheltered free space are in place to further energise the waterfront. 


In terms of the spatial design, a wall-free space is carefully considered and built to ensure cross ventilation as well as an uninterrupted visual corridor. The view of Victoria Harbour is still open to the public from the inner side of the Gloucester Road.


We hope the Victoria Water Sports Center could provide a luxuriously convenience complex for the general public to enjoy the wide varies of water sports offered.